Ranchers, "The Original Environmentalists"

Cancrete specializes in creating some of the toughest most durable Livestock Waterers on the market.

Engineered to handle the heavy cattle and livestock use in harsh winter and hot summer conditions.

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We also carry Replacement parts for HEDSTROM water waterers, HEDSTROM Concrete cattle waterers and HEDSTROM Livestock cattle waterers.



G812 Clamp "
G816 Clamp 1"
HB3/490 Elbow "
HB190 Elbow 1"
IPE35540 90 Fmt 1" Elbow
HB3/4STR Straight HB coupler "
HB1STR Straight HB coupler 1"
IPE35467 Coupler " FMT
IPE35468 Coupler 1" FMT
B223834 3/8x SS Bolt (door)
SSFW3-8 3/8 SS Washer (door)
CI-1704 Conduit Nut -1
PT75LS " Advanced Valve
PT100SS 1" Advanced Valve
PS125SS 1 " Advanced Valve
PS150SS 1 " Advanced Valve
PS100SS 1" Advanced Valve .50 orifice

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