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Cancrete© specializes in creating some of the toughest most durable Livestock Waterers on the market.

Engineered to handle the heavy cattle and livestock use in harsh winter and hot summer conditions.

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We also carry Replacement parts for HEDSTROM water waterers, HEDSTROM Concrete cattle waterers and HEDSTROM Livestock cattle waterers.



EABC Electric Box Complete Assembly
FM344 Thermostat
TRI700 700w Element 110/120v
TRI1000 1000w Element 110/120v
TRI98 98w Aux Element 110/120v w/bracket
TRI250 250w Element 110/120v
TRI350P 350w Element 110v Pet.
TRI1000P 1000w Element 110v Pet.
HS700 700w Element 120v HS
HS1000 1000w Element 120v HS
HS7002 700w Element 220v HS
HS10002 1000w Element 220v HS
U300S 300w Element 120v straight
U300C 300w Element 120v curved
U1000S 1000w Element 120v straight
U1000C 1000w Element 120v curved
U300S2 300w Element 220v straight
A3002 300w Aux Element 220v w/bracket
H3/436 " Hose Hookup complete
H136 1" Hose Hookup complete
H1700 " Hose only 36"
HI700.1 1" Hose only 36"

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