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Cancrete: When all you want is EVERTHING!

Ranchers, "The Original Environmentalists"

Cancreteģ specializes in creating some of the toughest most durable Livestock Waterers on the market.

Engineered to handle the heavy cattle and livestock use in harsh winter and hot summer conditions.

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Made in Canada and the USA


" Using Cancrete tanks I'm in the house drinking coffee while my neighbors are out chipping ice and thawing plastic tanks"!
"We will get up to 200 inches of snow a year so we know cold."

Steve Semkowicz
Seneca Falls, Upper New York State  

-40 F and mine keeps working. Great waterer.
Only tweak it requires is to silicone the top lid to the waterer.
Ten years old and original valve and heat element.
It works!

Dale Drawbond
Westby, Montana

"We have every concrete drinker made.
These Cancrete drinkers are the only ones
we have set in place and never looked at again."

"We experienced -35 Fahrenheit weather this past winter.
We didn't even have to reset the thermostats they are preset
and there was no freezing."

"I look forward to replacing all my existing bowls as they go
and replacing them with Cancrete!!

Lee Hochstein
Owner / Manager G.M.H Bluebird Ranch Ltd.
7000 Head Feedlot/ Cow Calf Operation
Pincher Creek, Alberta

"We have been buying water bowls for 30 years and these are the first that we have set down and not looked at since"

" The service door area is large enough that you can actually work under the bowl if necessary"

"You set the bowls in place and water cattle!"

Blake Butterfield
Owner / Manager
Ponoka Feed Lot
6000 Head Feedlot/ Cow Calf Operation
Ponoka, Alberta

"When it's cold Cancrete Bowls work"

"They give me no trouble"

"I went to cement bowls from the steel ones over 10 years ago and now that's all we have in our feedlot"

Mel Nyal
M & L Nyal Farms
4000 Head Feedlot
Clyde, Alberta