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Cancrete: When all you want is EVERTHING!

Ranchers, "The Original Environmentalists"

Cancrete® specializes in creating some of the toughest most durable Livestock Waterers on the market.

Engineered to handle the heavy cattle and livestock use in harsh winter and hot summer conditions.

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Made in Canada and the USA

Don't make a purchase, make an investment!

All cattle waterers are not created equal. Cancrete® has been engineered to withstand harsh winter, hot summer and heavy use by exotic animal, equine, dairy, cow/calf and feed yard producers. This waterer can withstand the abuse of your climate and the cattle! Proven success in all the major feedlots, Cancrete® comes out on top.

Feedlot This bowl has been in a 300 head pen for 2 years with no appreciable wear
Cow Calf Operation Feedlot
Dairy Cattle Feedlot
Dairy Cattle Bison
Feedlot Horses in -42F Weather
Feedlot Feedlot
Dairy Feedlot
Cow/Calf Operation Feedlot
  New camo paint option for habitat pens
  Purebred Dog Facility

Beautiful install in a “Beef Confinement” D800 Model

Concrete work and these beautiful cattle buildings built by Central Confinement Services!l


Cancrete C250 at -28 Watering 180 head. Howard, North Dakota

Cancrete Watering "Hippo" at the Los Angels Zoo      
Black Rhino at San Diego Zoo Elk at Wylee Park, SD  
Beef Confinement Building Turner Bison on a Cancrete!